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Witness the Development of Fruit and Vegetable Industry in China

The 15 years of rapid development of fruit and vegetable processing in China is the course of HORIFOOD's growth.

Established in 2004

  Successful development of aseptic filling machine in 2005, put into use

  In 2008, it undertook 1500 tons of tomato paste production line, reaching the same level in the world.

In 2013, the production line of separated tomato paste successfully entered the African market in the mode of turnkey engineering.

In 2018, HORIFOOD marched into intelligent devices and began a new journey.

  Successful Development of Flash Sterilizer in 2010

                                       CompanyDevelopment Record
 Since its establishment in 2004, with the continuous efforts of all employees and through years of development, the company has successfully climbed the peak of food processing technology, assumed its responsibility for the development of China's fruit and vegetable processing industry, from one glorious to another glorious.
Continuous technological progress and listening to the voices of customers are the key to Huarui Fude's success.
 HORI Ketchup  and jam processing equipment are sold all over the country and exported to Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.